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What it is

  • Molliprene® is a highly adaptable thermoplastic elastomer product for cost effective TPE and TPV replacement in a wide range of black and grey applications.
  • It is made from 85–95% recycled components and is fully recyclable.

Replacement for:

  • TPE
  • TPV
  • TPO
  • Flexible PVC


  • Highly cost effective
  • Specification driven (customisable to client specification)
  • Weather resistance
  • Vibration and noise reduction
  • Good physical properties

Range of properties:

  • Hardness range 70-90 Shore A
  • Range of standard products available
  • Bespoke adjustment to clients specific specification

Processing characteristics:

  • Suitable for black or grey products
  • Consistent processing
  • Injection moulding and extrusion applications on standard equipment
  • Compatible with multi-shot moulding

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