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Rigurprene and Molliprene

Verneos Ltd

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Verneos Ltd is a UK based specialist compounding company providing a range of highly innovative thermoplastic compounds. The company offers progressive plastic processors an attractive solution in their search for a cost-effective material that can also provide enhanced performance benefits in comparison with conventional materials.

As a bonus, in today’s ever increasing focus on sustainability, the unique Verneos formulations of recovered post consumer and post industrial waste streams offer clients a significant benefit in helping to improve their environmental credentials.

The compounds made by Verneos Ltd are suitable for general processing on conventional moulding and extrusion equipment. Both the current ranges can be used for black or grey products. Rigurprene® is suitable for rigid applications and Molliprene® is suitable for flexible applications.

To find out more about our products, please visit the Rigurprene® and Molliprene® pages.

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